More QRANGE randomness, more high-performance computing

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), a pioneering supercomputing center in Spain, recently deployed a quantum random number generator (QRNG) from Quside to pilot the use of this new resource for randomised algorithms and Monte Carlo methods. The effort is a key result from the QRANGE project of the European Quantum Flagship.


RNG to address challenges in computation

Quside-QRNG-BSC.pngThe generation of random numbers plays a crucial role in many scientific and industrial applications, including computation, gambling, and cryptography. In all these applications, it is of fundamental importance that the generated randomness delivers the required quality and performance, as any deviation may adversely affect modelling, jeopardize security, or lead to unbearable performance.

Quantum random number generators have been widely proposed as a possible solution to address some of the challenges in computation, particularly where high performance is required. It is within this context that Quside, in collaboration with ICFO and other partners, have studied and developed improved QRNG solutions during the QRANGE project, demonstrating raw entropy rates above 10 Gb/s in standard data center form factors. QRANGE is a €3.1M project awarded by the European Commission in 2018 as part of the Quantum Flagship program.

Performance improvements above 10x expected

As an outcome of these activities, the BSC has recently deployed a QRNG solution from Quside to further validate the application of this technology in the field of high-performance computation. Many computational problems and workloads from both industry and research rely on stochastic processes, which can benefit from higher-performance random number generation capabilities. Limitations in current means for generating these random numbers can lead to reduced performance, inefficient use of compute resources and even potential artifacts, especially in highly-parallel simulations.

For more information see the full press release or visit Quside.


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